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spirit1Spirituality is one of our focal points here at PathsToKnowledge. In this section we review spiritual books and teachers. We explore spiritual paths and techniques. We discuss spiritual living and spiritual healing.

Spirituality does not imply religion. It involves connecting to our source and essence to find guidance and meaning.  Spirituality is the map that guides our journey.  The puzzle into which all the other pieces fit.

We can be successful in all the other areas of life, but if we don’t have a sense of meaning, we will ultimately find happiness eludes us.  On the other hand, if our spiritual compass is working properly, the other areas of our life will align more easily.

On the side menu, you will find pages devoted to particular spiritual teachers and gurus. Below is a list of all our posts dealing with the spiritual, the esoteric and the philosophical.

Health and Healing

health1 The health and healing section of our website explores a wide variety of health approaches and healing modalities. We are particularly interested in holistic healing approaches that engage the mind, body and spirit for total health. But we also look at various diets and forms of exercise. Raw foods, vegan diets and weight loss are all open for discussion.

As a Reiki master, I am also interested in various energy healing and alternative healing methods.

In the menu bar, you will find our pages on various teachers and practitioners in the Health and healing area. On those pages you will find wonderful healing books, healing programs and health techniques that can dramatically improve your life. Below you find a list of all our health and healing articles.

Psychology and Relationships

psyche1 This section of our website deals with the psyche and psychology, both personal and interpersonal.  How can we maximize our mental potential and become more complete human beings? This includes healthy exploration of our conscious potential as well as our subconscious mind. Our dreams, personality types and archetypes  are subjects for discussion.

How can we relate better to those around us, and handle issues of trust and intimacy? How can we be better partners, spouses and parents? In dealing with relationships, we investigate our connection to others on a conscious and subconscious level, including trans-personal and integral psychology.

We also consider psychological problems, including fear, depression and anxiety. In addition to professional help for these issues, how can we help ourselves? Finally, we consider the quirks and workings of the human mind. How an it sabotage us in our goals, and how can we use our mind to our advantage?

The authors and gurus featured on the side menu all have insight into these various issues. Below is a list of articles and reviews that cover these fascinating topics.


organize1 Many of us feel like we can’t pursue self development and personal growth because we don’t have the time, energy or financial resources. Our lives are too full of commitments, clutter, appointments and bills. This area of our website focuses on organizational and financial gurus, books and systems. These are teachers and teachings that can help us cut through the clutter, simplify our lives, get control of our time and put more money in our pocket.

If you feel like you are naturally disorganized or financially ignorant, these gurus can be life-changing for you. Even if you simply feel your life is just a bit too cluttered, exhausting or expensive, here is a place to find help.

On the side menu we feature teachers and gurus who can help you with your organizational and financial issues. Below is a list of articles and resources that relate to organization and finances.

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