An Easy, Inexpensive and Romantic Gift Idea

I had gotten my wife a Christmas gift earlier in the month, but I still thought I needed something more personal.  Here’s the idea I came up with, that I would like to share with any of you last-minute gift givers. It’s easy, inexpensive, personal and, if you want, romantic.

Here’s what you do.

Buy a small, colorful journal or notebook. Write your significant other’s name in front. Then write a short poem or note in the notebook. I’m pretty quick with poetry, so I wrote a quick sonnet. But you can do free verse or just a heartfelt note. Explain that on special occasions (or no occasion at all) you will write additional notes or poems in the notebook, so that gradually your sweetheart will have a whole book full of your personal thoughts to read over whenever they want.

As a variation, you can suggest that you trade the book back and forth. You write a note or poem and leave the book for your sweetheart, who then writes a note or poem and gives it back.

I really like the idea because my wife and I write wonderful things in our cards to each other, but I’d have a really hard time finding all of them. A lot of wonderful notes and poems that we’ve written over the years may well be lost. This way they’re all in one place.

Did you come up with a really good gift idea this year? Let us know about it.

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