Meditations for Manifesting

Continuing on the theme of my own personal spiritual practices, let me introduce an audio CD by Wayne Dyer, Meditations for Manifesting. The CD contains a simpl explanation of a morning and evening meditation using vocal sound. The intent of the mediation is manifestation – ie causing the things you want and need to appear in your life.

The major portion of the CD is a live walk-through of the morning and evening meditation. The intent is that you follow along with Dr. Dyer as he performs each of these meditations for about 15 minutes. You can continue to use the CD in this way – following along with Wayne every morning and evening, or, once you get the hang of it, you can simply use the same method on your own.

First of all, let me say that this CD was very helpful to me during a time when I had to make a difficult decision regarding changing jobs. I needed to quit my job when I basically had nothing to turn to in it’s place – while supporting a family. But Dr. Dyers books and this CD gave me the courage to strike out into the unknown. And indeed, a better situation was waiting for me when I did.

I found the program very transformational even aside from it’s potential to manifest good things in your life. After 15 minutes of the morning sound meditation, I felt completely lifted above the physical world. I was more spiritually grounded for the entire day.

I should warn that some people who were great fans of Dr. Dyer found this CD a bit of anomaly. They found his voice distracting, or were hoping for more lecture content instead of the long sections of “meditate with Wayne”. The CD is short on explanation and long on demonstration.  As for myself, it was just what I needed. It was quite unlike any meditation I had done previously and I don’t think I would have persisted with it without the CD to help me.

So if you are interested in manifesting – if, for example, you are a fan of The Secret, and want to do some serious work with it – this CD can be a very helpful product. I’ve just begun using it again recently and hope to have interesting things to report.

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