The Gift of Enlightenment

enlightenThe holidays are almost here again! Why not get all your shopping done from the convenience of your browser. Here are some of my suggestions for anyone on your list who is interested in spiritual development. Some I’ve read and love. Some I’m reading now, and some I WANT to read. But they’re all from Amazon’s spirituality best-seller list, so you won’t be disappointed.

Transform your life, and transform the planet! First on the list is one of the latest from my favorite spiritual author, Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.  It was one of Oprah’s Book Club selections this year and pushed Eckhart into even greater prominence when Oprah did a series of free online webcasts with Eckhart studying the book. Eckhart takes the principles in his earlier work, The Power of Now and applies them to improving our daily lives, as well as the world as a whole. A wonderful book.

Bring everything you need and want into your life effortlessly! Next on the list is a book I just reviewed, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Even today, quite a while after it’s original publication, it’s still #4 on the spirituality best-seller list. Sure it has it’s critics, but it’s the best popular introduction to the Law of Attraction ever written. Check out the movie also for an even more engaging presentation.

Share a fulfilling spiritual journey! Here’s one I’m reading now. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I ran into Elizabeth over at the Ted Talks, through a wonderful presentation she did on the subject of creativity. When I’m done with the book, I’ll fill you in, but so far it’s a wonderful example of spiritual biography.  There are some principles that simply come across better in a biographical format, and some people who get more out of a biography than a thematic presentation. For them, this is a perfect gift.

Use the magic of the Toltecs to write your own contract with life!  Don Miguel Ruiz, who is on my “spiritual guru” list is best known for this simple but powerful book on transforming your life through four simple Toltec principles, the Four Agreements. Don Miguel brings profound power and depth to simple principles, teaching you how to escape the parasitic spiritual grasp of the world and it’s limiting agreements.

And then for a few that aren’t on the top of the list, but SHOULD be!

Read passages of spiritual wisdom and deep thought that will change your consciousness! The Simple Feeling of Being is a collection of the more meditative and colorful passages from the many works of Ken Wilber, one of my very favorite authors. Ken is best known for his profound and detailed systems of spiritual philosophy. This book isn’t about the intellectual details, but about the inspiration. This is one of those books where simply reading the passages raises your thoughts to a higher level.

Finally, on a more esoteric note, here’s one on MY Christmas list – Exploring the Fifth Dimension: Parallel Universes, Teleportation and Out of Body Travel by Dr. Bruce Goldberg. I happened on Goldberg listening to a radio interview (Coast to Coast, for any of you fans out there) and was completely spellbound by his perspectives. If you want a new and powerful perspective on the multi-dimensional world (and if his book is anything like his interview) Then this is the book for you. He doesn’t simply discuss the theory of the “fifth dimension”, but practical techniques for exploring it, including how to develop astral projection and even teleportation! Can’t wait to give it a read…

Have any great gift books or resource suggestions? Comments welcome!

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