Malcolm Gladwell

gladwell2Unlike some of the other gurus on this site, Malcolm Gladwell’s books are not specifically designed as “self-help”. Gladwell is an author for the New Yorker specializing in social and psychological issues. His books are meant to be entertaining and educational, and they certainly are.

Once again, I ran into Gladwell’s work by accident, and then couldn’t put it down. I started out with “Blink”, which examines the human ability to make “snap” decisions, often with great accuracy.

I found that I couldn’t wait to drive to work in the morning so that I could continue listening to Malcolm’s book. If you buy the audio versions, it is Gladwell himself who does the reading, which is a nice bonus. Some authors don’t do a particularly good job reading their own books, but Gladwell knows what he’s doing.

He goes on to examine the psychology and sociology of popular trends and fads in “The Tipping Point”. This was another absolutely riveting book that I could not put down. Gladwell gives us deep insight into how people’s minds work, and how they interact with each other. I took away plenty of tips, not only for understanding my own thinking, but for understanding how to communicate and interact with others.

Malcolm is an excellent author – quite worthy of his best-seller status. Pick up any of books and you will be entertained and educated.

Below is an embedded video of a marvelous talk by Malcolm at the TED talks. Enjoy:

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