Anthony Robbins

tony_robbinsWho hasn’t heard of Anthony Robbins? For years you couldn’t turn on TV without seeing one of his infomercials. And simply BECAUSE he was so popular – I avoided his materials.  He seemed too faddish . Then one day out of boredom I picked up one of his CD’s from a gas station on a long trip. And… he was actually pretty good.  Much better than I expected.

Needless to say, Robbins is full of energy. He’s the king of motivational speakers – better than caffeine. He has an engaging style that will never bore you.  But the great thing is, he actually has great content.  Robbins gives excellent programs for self-improvement, step by step. Commit yourself to one of his programs and you’ll see some amazing results.

He also does live seminars and events – and is famous for his fire-walking events.

Here’s a clip of Robbins at the top of his form:

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