Leo Babauta

leobabautaLeo Babauta is a recent addition to my list of favorite teachers. He’s primarly known for his blog, Zen Habits, which I stumbled onto one day. It quickly found its way into my personal RSS feed.

Leo’s specialty is taking the task or organizing your life and reducing it to the bare minimum. He is one of the leading advocates of zen minimalism in the area of personal organization. For example, he took David Allen’s famous Getting Things Done system (of which I’m a big fan) and reduced it to a more streamlined system he calles Zen To Done (ZTD).

Leo’s books and posts bring simplicity to such areas as your email, your finances, your health,  your business your browser and life in general.

This is a great thing, because the simpler a system is, the more likely we are to actually USE it.  Our systems for managing our life shouldn’t make it even more complicated and difficult.

In addition to his blog, Leo has several books available which we will be reviewing here time permitting.

The video below is part of an interview with Leo on his book The Power of Less

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