Joel Fuhrman

joel-fuhrman Joel Fuhrman is a medical doctor who writes on the topic of healing and weight loss through nutrition. His flagship book is Eat to Live, which is one of the most remarkably clear and informative books on nutrition I have ever read. Fuhrman, who was a champion figure skater earlier in his life, has apparently developed a reputation among other doctors of being the one they will refer a patient to when that patients life depends on them losing weight.

In fascinating and compelling writing, Fuhrman explains nutritional concepts in a way that motivate and inspire you. His diet is primarily vegetarian and low fat, and not only produces remarkable weight loss, but also reverses conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr Fuhrman was also involved with Dr Cousens in the “Raw for 30” experimantal program for reversing diabetes which was so remarkably successful.  For those who aren’t quite ready for the raw food diet of Dr. Cousens, Dr Fuhrman’s diet is an excellent and wonderfully healthy alternative, combining raw vegan, cook vegan, and (in the maintenance phase) small amounts of animal products if desired.

Below is a video of Dr. Fuhrman describing his program and giving some amazing real case examples of what it can do.

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