Wayne Dyer

10491-SM Wayne Dyer has been in the public eye since the seventies when his book Your Erroneous Zones became wildly popular. While Dyer has interesting things to say in the area of progressive psychology, he has become much more interesting since his work has become progressively more spiritual in recent years.

The wonderful thing about Dyer that makes him so accessible to a wide audience is that while he has embraced the spiritual dimension, he has lost none of his dynamic writing and speaking ability that he previously used to promote psychology and self development.  This is contrast to Eckhart Tolle who’s zen-like style of writing and speaking takes some degree of enlightenment simply to appreciate.

Wayne has also been astonishingly prolific.  I’m a big fan, but even I haven’t managed to read all his books and listen to all his CDs. Every year or so you can count on another wonderful book by Dyer. And now that he has branched into areas such as meditation and manifestation, he’s better than ever.

I particularly appreciate Dyer because he is the one who’s books gave me the courage, at a difficult moment, to make a bold step in my life that involved quitting a secure job. It was one of the best moves I ever made, and I have Dr. Dyer to thank for it. Look for more wonderful work by Wayne Dyer in the future.

Wayne has been especially generous with his time and talent in support of PBS, and has generated some criticism – I suspect from people who’s dogmatic principles are threatened by his inclusiveness.

Here is a clip of Dyer discussing your divine purpose

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