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My wife completely surprised me by becoming intensely interested in Oprah Winfrey’s recent webcasts in collaboration with Eckhart Tolle. What was puzzling is that up till now, she has not liked Oprah at all and has shown no interest in Eckhart! For some reason the combination “clicked” for her.

For those who aren’t aware of him, Eckhart Tolle is, in my opinion, the most direct, no-nonsense teacher on the subject of enlightenment walking around today. His teaching is generic and non-religious ,while using illustrations from several religions. His concepts are profound but simple. Eckhart is a true mystic as opposed to an esotericist (more on that later perhaps).

I enjoy both his books and his audio and visual seminars. I remember that it took me a few minutes to get used to his lecture style. Eckhart is not afraid of silence, and at several points I thought there was something wrong with my CD or that the lecture was over. My impatience for the next piece of information was very revealing.

I quickly came to enjoy the style he uses, and luxuriated in the intervals of silence. For the type “A”‘s out there who need a brisker pace, the Oprah webcasts mentioned above might be a good intro.

His first book is The Power of Now, and the follow up (the subject of the Oprah webcase) is A New Earth. If you haven’t been exposed to his work, I highly recommend it. Amazon has a nice page with all his work featured here. I’d be interested to know if anyone else is a Tolle fan (or critic) and what your thoughts are.

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2 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle

  1. margaret

    Hi. Just like your wife, I had never been interested in Oprah Winfrey or knew who Eckhart Tolle was until last summer when I randomly clicked on a link that led me to one of the webcasts and I felt a surprising wave of intense interest and fascination. I went out that day and bought his books. I have never paid too much attention to New Wave type teachings, but I found Tolle and his books really resonated with me. I agree with everything that you say about him. Because Oprah has extolled other books like “The Secret” I think there is some confusion and misperception about Tolle. In my opinion, his work and insights are antithetical to “The Secret” (which I, personally, find a little repugnant).

    1. Anonymous

      Excellent analysis. Although I find value in “The Secret”, there’s no denying that at the core it is basically personal magic (using “magic” in the metaphysical sense). While personal magic is theoretically neutral, it is all to easy to get caught up in ego traps. Eckhart would say that it’s all well and good to play around with manifestation – AFTER you realize that the source of your being and fulfillment doesn’t reside in any manifested thing. Seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God… and these things shall be added to you. I fear that a lot of “Secret” fans are convinced they can manifest happiness through manifesting “stuff”.


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